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Our Work

 For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Small To Medium Sized…& Several Global Corporations


coach the team & set-up the pmo

A global air sector defence manufacturer needed to adopt an agile framework approach, to deliver a communication project: so that the business could safely adopt the new security compliance software

data protection start-up is born

1st phase consumer to business disruptive start-up created: incorporating patent creation and application; securing trade names/domains; including several funding applications and a minimal viable product

Abstract vector watercolor drawing of a child head. Background and head elements are separated on different layers.

baseline documents created

A national logistics company needed baseline documentation created to support the ongoing software development of a new logistics system, to safeguard jobs and the next round of capital funding

new permit to work software

A northern UK international airport wanted to replace the existing paper permit to work system and develop a new way of inducting (and safely managing) several thousand contractors, before works on the proposed new terminal took place

invoke the cyber security strategy

A northern UK university needed cyber security baseline documentation creation and immediate cyber resilience deployment assistance, to support the ongoing cyber security programme and to meet UK Gov. regulatory compliance

data cleanse & data load

A northern UK international airport needed their new asset management data cleansed and then reloaded, to support the ongoing asset control programme and to lower the cost of support and maintenance

partner online collaboration

A northern University needed secure collaboration & integration with national & international business community for research, design & production purposes, the whole solution took just 10 days to complete

identity access management

A southern UK international bank needed to load several hundred financial applications into a new portal & provide secure access to 26,000 international users: safeguarding several $billion in ongoing revenue

information governance

A northern UK NHS Foundation Trust Internal Audit & Counter Fraud office needed to bolster their information governance audit team. Over the course of decade we conducted >80 internal audits & mentoring local teams on how to implement our recommendations

national security audit

A national environmental waste management company needed an independent UK wide security audit on all remote sites, featuring physical, hard/software and commercial: in order to safeguard revenue and investigate any potential fraud

smart meter system deployment

A northern UK international airport needed to completely replace all electric, gas and water meters, as well as develop a new smart meter billing system integrated into Oracle financials: in order to meet regularity compliance and safeguard ongoing revenue

active directory refresh

A northern UK international airport needed a project recovering featuring software rationalisation, PC hardware refresh and remote software installation: in order to safeguard the project budget and minimise deployment delay

hr system business continuity

A northern UK international airport needed to recover a legacy airplane service management system that was experiencing performance and stability issues: to safeguard 24 x 7 airplane service management support and maintenance

oracle finance invoice solution

A northern UK international airport IS department needed to move to a new Oracle finance invoice solution, since the legacy approach required several operatives working fulltime: the new Oracle system provided automated invoice consolidation

identity access management system deployment

A northern UK international airport required a completely new identity access management system, pass office and 3-factor authentication security access for staff & third party contractors & suppliers

car park system upgrade

A northern UK international airport needed to upgrade its car park system & rationalize the web of credit card transaction affiliates that had grown incrementally over time: in order to gain payment credit card industry data security standard compliance

bms business continuity

A northern UK international airport required the whole of their building managed services (BMS) system to be replaced: in order to increase the business continuity capability of the BMS system and to be able to accommodate the new terminal expansion plans

euro gov. ojeu procurement

During the Liverpool Capital of Culture year, the European OJEU office required many local and small enterprises to gain OJEU compliant accreditation: so that local businesses could safely access funding and expert support

hazard perception testing software dev'

A UK Gov. agency responsible for driving standards in the UK, required a mechanism to deploy hazard perception testing software training material to over 300 test centres across the UK: without outages or gaps

national fmcg system deployment

An international UK based food manufacturing company needed a completely new IS, IT & ICT infrastructure across 14 large food manufacturing plants: in order to provide a new digital network for the business and mitigate risks involving the millennium

metropolitan wan deployment

A northern UK police constabulary needed a completely newnetwork to support multimedia, in effect all the IS, IT & ICT equipment was upgraded across 900 sqm metropolitan area: in order to propel the constabulary into the digital age