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secure digital innovation

For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

Protecting your organization’s sensitive information is crucial in today’s digital landscape. At SecureDigitali, we prioritize a comprehensive data protection strategy to safeguard your valuable data, ensuring compliance with GDPR and Cyber Essentials. Trust SecureDigitali for a secure digital transformation that enables entrepreneurs, business owners, and small to medium-sized enterprises to achieve their digital aspirations.
SecureDigitali, established in November 1997, has been serving as dependable technology consultants for small, medium, and corporate enterprises. With a strong track record in the industry, we offer independent expertise to meet your unique business needs.
Cyber attacks are rampant. Most go unnoticed. In today’s digital landscape, vulnerabilities, threats, and risks are unavoidable. At SecureDigitali, we safeguard your organization’s digital assets. Our expertise in GDPR, Cyber Essentials, and ISO 27001 enables us to assess, recommend essential cybersecurity measures, and deliver comprehensive reports, fortifying your defenses against cyber threats. Trust our dependable technology consultants for GDPR and data protection compliance. Contact us now to secure your digital innovation.

Unlawful Marketing Calls

Five businesses fined a total of £435,000 for making nearly half a million unlawful marketing calls, Dec 2022

GDPR Infringements...Gulp

Fines of up to 20 million Euros or 4% of group worldwide turnover against data controllers & data processors.

Neglectful to Childs Privacy

Mega social media platform fined £12.7 million for misusing children’s data, April 2023

Data Protection Infringements...

Under the DPA, if a data controller has breached the legislation, a maximum fine of £500,000 can be levied.

B to C Call Goes Viral, Gets Fined

An energy saving company fined £200,000 for making nuisance marketing calls, Feb 2022

Database Cleansing, Went Wrong

A company was making assumptions about customers’ medical conditions, fined £250,000

Unsolicited Calls

Energy company have been fined for making over 1,000 unsolicited direct marketing calls…following only three complaints being made. Jan 2022